Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome to My New Personal Training and Fitness Blog!

Since I'm coming to the anniversary of my 4th year of being a certified personal trainer, I thought it was time to finally create a blog regarding personal training. 

I have to admit that after years of creating websites in the past, I didn't feel compelled to hurry and create a professional website. I was too busy working at a gym training clients and then after leaving the gym, training clients privately.

I do have a website, but I haven't taken the time to expand on the information.  I got published almost 4 years ago, but with having a profile page at Idea Fit and a personal training Facebook page, I just linked to those.  Also, because I also had a personal trainer page, at LinkedIn, a Pinterest page, and also listed at various personal trainer directories, I just didn't feel the urgency.

I also already had a blog, but the subject matter was regarding leading a raw food diet.

I will use this blog to share information regarding personal training, fitness and health articles, pictures, quotes and to keep you up to date on various workshops I'm attending, new things I'm learning, and various types of training I'm doing with my clients.

In addition to getting fitness information, It will be a way for you to get to know me and learn a little bit about my personal training style.