Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 2016 Studio Updates

Since the last time I posted, I have updated equipment and gotten new equipment for my studio. Since my clients enjoy the Pilates Power Gym Pro, and it wasn't gliding as smoothly as it did when I first got it, I upgraded to the Pilates Power Gym Plus.  It elevates higher, which can make the workout more challenging.

I finally got my TRX wall mount up and have started incorporating more TRX training in my client's workouts.

Last week I got a Pilates Supreme Toning Tower.  It gives a whole new dimension for my client's workouts. I have trained about 5 clients on it so far, and they all love it!

I started taking Pilates classes the past couple of weeks.  As I continue taking classes, I'm learning more and more things I can use with my toning tower not only for myself, but also with my clients! 

Panoramic picture taken tonight of my studio.

Pilate Power Gym Plus in the highest setting.

Pilates Power Gym Plus in the lowest (flat) setting.

Toning tower with sculpting bar attached to the coil springs.

Toning tower with the straps attached to the coil springs.