Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 As many of you are aware, our new normal has changed dramatically in the past 8 months. Since this time, due to my client's age groups, I have not been training clients. The majority of my clients are at high risk due to age and many with underlying medical conditions.

I, too am at high risk due to my age. However, my husband is at even higher risk due to several underlying medical conditions.  Both of my parents are in their 90s with health issues.

Because life is the most important thing, I will continue not to train clients until our weather gets cooler and IF my clients are willing to train outdoors.  I will be able to train clients on my patio or at a park or other outdoor location.

During this time, I have been continuing my personal training education and doing what is necessary to keep all my credentials updated.  Some of this has been tricky since some government offices have been closed for visits, etc.

I did have a new experience.  Instead of going somewhere to attend a personal trainer type convention/conference, I attended one online via Zoom. This had it's pros and cons.  

Financially, it was advantageous since I didn't have to pay for a flight or for several days at a hotel.  However, I basically was a captive at my computer for 5 or more hours a day for three days, in my fitness studio. 

But I received a lot of education, inspiration and enjoyed it very much.  I may even attend these for a few more years even after things become safer to travel.

For now, I hope everyone is staying safe and also doing something on a regular basis to keep up with their fitness and health. There are many online sources for working out at home.

I'm looking forward to resuming training my clients. If you are interested in personal training in the future, feel free to contact me.  I am happy to answer any questions.

I wish you all well. Stay Safe.

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