Monday, March 19, 2018

Functional Fitness For The Mature Woman

In our busy lives, sometimes we put other's needs first.  As women, we've been doing this all our lives.  First as children, then as wives and mothers, and even later as caregivers to aging parents.

Let's face it, life is busy, and we can always find excuses to put off exercise.  This is a big mistake!  As we age, we start to lose muscle.  So strength training and exercise is even more crucial than you probably thought. If you don't make time for fitness, you may find that you need more and more assistance doing things that you used to do without a second thought!

In addition to strength training to help you stay independent well into your old age, it is important to work on your balance, agility, mobility, stability and even your cognition. These are elements of functional fitness.

I've taken many workshops which focus on baby boomers and seniors to help with each of these aspects of fitness for the mature body.

Sometimes, in order to be able to put yourself first (for a change), you should schedule your workouts as you would a doctor appointment or a business meeting.  Write it on your calendar, if that helps, and don't cancel.

As an baby boomer myself, I understand a woman's aging body.  My goal is to help a woman get a good workout without the fear of her getting injured. 

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